On December 28, 2023, I had my first interaction with the Convalescent of this round. 010 has, on occasion, attempted to hijack the Convalescent connection via drug usage, but I will not be including logs of that.
Keep in mind, the Convalescent often speak as one entity.

I fell asleep at 7:56 PM EST

White - Myself

Yellow - Convalescent

Ahh.. *yawn* It seems my solisomnia episode's led me here once more- Or, not really once more, is it... First time for this go-around.. You can come out now, Convalescent. (The Convalescent greet me and ask who I am.) The blindness is new, but interesting... Hang on... You all move so quickly, I can never grab onto you. I just want to know what you're made of... (They ask what they are made of.) You appear to be made of marble but you move like cloth- Oh, it's whatever. I've been trying to dissect you since round one. I'll have all the time in the world once we're out of here, so I suppose I should stop worrying about it. (They persist in asking my identity.) You can call me AA. ("Adrianne?") Adrianne is an interesting guess, but no. I'm unsure how safe it is to reveal who I am yet. Never know what could be watching. (They ask why it is dangerous, and continue to guess my identity [correctly, if I may add]) You can stop guessing to my face, if you weren't blind you'd know. It'd be dangerous if a certain waxy-necked man was watching. He knows what I'm after. ("How about we do some quid pro quo. You tell us something we want to know, and we tell you something you want to know. Deal?") And what do you know that I don't already? ("You tell me??? I'm not omniscent and I dont even know who the fuck you are." This Convalescent is identified by another as "Mud".) Well... I'm curious, actually. I've come up with a question. I'm curious, have you actively influenced any of the murders yet?... ("Yes but no," another identified as "Dirt" takes charge.) ("Not purposely," Mud.) ("On accident. [We] lead someone somewhere and they ended up dead. If you're so knowledgeable, you know what I mean," Dirt.) Oh, that was your group? Odd. ("I wasn't involved but yeah I guess. Oops," Dirt. Showing individual autonomy and some sort of participation system.) Well... Okay, that's good to know. Now it's your turn. ("Do you know where Lynn Atten's corpse is?" Dirt.) ...I was actually tempted to ask *you* that. But I was afraid that was a little too forward, and reveal who I am to L’tradactil’lin. God... that is a mouthful. Spiderlily, I mean. (They ask if I have any questions, but Mud hastily mentions/asks about my interest in Lynn.) What do you know about Lorelai Amber Willow? ("We know she killed Melanie. Oh, actually, does she have a tattoo on her arm?" Mud.) Uhhh, I believe so...? ("Do you know what the number is? I believe it's a 0 but I'm unsure if there's anything following it," Mud.) Last I saw it, it just looked like a 0. ("When did you see it? This round?" Mud) 010 has some videos on his camera from previous rounds. ("Do you know which round she had the tattoo in? Or have you seen it in multiple?" Mud) Two. She's only in our records as having been in Rounds One and Two. She's completely missing from Three and Four, hence why I asked. ("Do you know what number you are?" "That's breaking a rule isn't it, don't answer that," Dirt.) So you know the rules? Good to know. I'd rather not risk my involvement just yet, sorry. ("Some of them anyways. Interesting, I just have an idea," Mud.) What's your idea, Mud? ("You can see our names?") No, I can't. But Dirt and Mud referred to eachother by those names earlier. ("That Lorelai might have been 000 in round 2," Mud, referring to their aforementioned idea.) That would make things interesting, wouldn't it? Although- if Lorelai were 000 in Round 2, her being missing from 3 and 4 would imply her victory in Round 2, meaning she wouldn't be here now. It kind of throws a wrench in the works, doesn't it..? ("Unless of course she's playing as a gamemaster," Mud.) ...Is that even possible? ("Do you know who the gamemasters were for previous rounds?" Mud.) L’tradactil’lin, Hemera, and Raine. ("There's another one now, a fourth, an angel." Mud.) Is that so? ("Mhm, food for thought I suppose," Mud. "Hopefully this doesn't make you a target," Dirt.) It won't. If L’tradactil’lin is watching, he doesn't know who I am yet. He's never been in my mind. He doesn't recognize my voice. ("Interesting, why do you call him that?" Mud.) I have this old book from the local church, Adrianne gave me access to her father's libraries. That's what his name is written as. It seems to be a sort of mashup of Latrodectus and Lilith. AKA, Spiderlily. Is that all? I really should wake up soon. My condition makes me so sleepy nowadays... I'm afraid one day I won't wake up. ("Interesting... and yeah, that's all. Take care 'AA'. 'til we meet again," Mud.) Goodbye, Convalescent.

I woke up at 11:51 EST. Some notes:

L'tradactil'lin = Spiderlily = The Moon
Hemera = Sol = Sorath = The Sun
"Dirt" appears to be a statue resembling something out of HP Lovecraft's works, closely resembling C'thulu
"Mud" appears to be a statue resembling a pierrot