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zbearz (1/16/10):
Hey guys o.o Something weird- does anyone know the origin of this image? My friend sent it to me asking but I can't find it. I think it was from an old dressup game that was related to some japanese vn? Idk lol

limpBiscuit: dude that is FREAKY o_O WTF
zbearz (OP): i know right? Cass sent it to me btw.
limpBiscuit: does she know the name of the vn?
zbears (OP): I think it had the word "immortal" in the name but idk. It was about a group of girls who were forced to kill each other by monsters lol, I remember there being a part where one that looks like the girl in my post was dared to go into this old house and spend the night there and she had a rly gross dream. Cheap shock stuff youd see in a creepypasta :P