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geckoamethyst (2/27/15):
wow this forum used to be so lively and alive now we only get a couple posts a month what happened


zbearz (2/8/15):
Hey does anyone know what butterflies in dreams could mean? They've been appearing in my dreams a lot recently

batwings: they usually mean sumthing like changes in ur life

DrGruesome666 (1/13/15):
Been hallucinating this dog thing thats also been in my dreams, it looks like a husky but with a weird human smile on it

geckoamethyst: lol dude rlly
DrGruesome666 (OP): ???

limpBiscuit (1/1/15):
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
My hallucinations are STILL gone and im doing great! idk why they just left just like that but its pret-ty cool heheh! B)

geckoamethyst: fuck yah man brohoof /)

GhostGirlEmi (12/25/14):
dude ohmy fuckign god this sucks im outsdie at my parents christmas party and i know where thbres stuff i can take but icant i cant i cant go back i cant fiuckong do it if i do ill neverfucking forgive myself i cant i juist need to stay away from there i need to stay away from yhat place but its so fuckcing cold ouitsde

Lynn317: Are you ok friend?
GhostGirlEmi (OP): imgonananfuckign kdill myselg
Lynn317: ?
GhostGirlEmi (OP): im sobsorry

Lynn317 (12/25/14):
Christmas time is here ^_^


limpBiscuit (12/25/14):
merry chrysler!!! XD
my hallucinations r still gone >:] im winning

DrGruesome666: Merry crisis
Lynn317: Happy christmas friend! Good times

GhostGirlEmi (12/19/14):
i havent used this forum in forever but its the holidays and im this fucking close to relapsing ive been clean for 5 months and thats the longest ive been clean in a few years but the stress of the holidays and having to see every fucking member of my family and theyre going to judge me no matter what because i can never fucking be perfect to them im never right im always wrong and its so fucking scary and my dads gonna be there and its just too much

GhostGirlEmi (OP): sorry about this post im just so tired

zbearz (11/23/14):
Hope everyone's doing ok :) Been hearing some weird rumors around my town about some serial killer and it is not helping my paranoia hahaha

AnAn (MOD): So sorry to hear that, Zoey! What town do you live in, if you're comfortable sharing?
zbearz (OP): Sparks, Nevada. Kinda small, which makes it a little scarier honestly.

geckoamethyst (11/8/14):
keep hearing all types of sounds before sleep
used to be just voices but now i hear like
a bang on the wall and other sounds like that

DrGruesome666: Gecko's gonna end up in the looney bin in the next 4-6 years
geckoamethyst (OP): ill keep monitoring it, i keep looking online about hearing things before sleep and everyone says its rlly common but is it rlly? cuz ive never heard anyone irl talk about this
DrGruesome666: It's not common, you're insane

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